Current Status + Plans

The dates on the Travel Journal posts refer to the day(s) that the post describe, not to the date that the post was published. You may notice there is often a significant gap between the two; riding a bicycle all day can frequently get in the way of writing about riding a bicycle all day. This page is a place to check in on what may have happened in the gap between the most-recently-posted journal entry and the present day.

Latest: 2023-10-26


We’re in New Zealand! It’s springtime here! We arrived October 20th, and will be staying in Auckland until November 20th. At that point we’ll set off on our bikes again to…somewhere? That’s part of what we’ll spend this time in the city figuring out. We’re legally allowed to stay in New Zealand to July of 2024, and we’ll see if the land keeps us here that long.




We are heading into Glacier National Park, from the east side, after wrapping around and up from Missoula. We expect to spend at least a couple weeks there, mostly out-of-service.



At the end of April, we left our short-term furnished rental in Seattle, and moved 40 miles out into the countryside, to the town of Monroe, WA. We weren’t quite ready to hit the road full-time, but also found that for long-distance training rides (necessary to get us back in shape for hitting the road full-time!), starting and ending in the the center of Seattle was not ideal (though impressively doable for the 15th-largest MSA in the country!) In Monroe we can be on some of the best biking roads in the country within a mile of leaving our front door, so the idea is to spend a month intensively training.


The day after Memorial Day, we set out eastward across Washington. From there, we may continue east toward Chicago, or simply spend the summer exploring the Mountain West and return to Seattle in October, at which point we still expect to fly to New Zealand.

Rett riding (no-handed!!!) down an empty road 12 miles from our place in Monroe.



In early October 2022, we decided to take a six-month break from riding for the “winter”. We spent October and November with Rett’s dad in upstate New York, then December with Neil’s parents near Chicago, and since the New Year we have been in a short-term furnished rental in Seattle.

A view of downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier from Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill, a short (but very steep!) walk from our apartment.


Our lease in Seattle continues until early April 2023. We plan to restart riding at that point. Our main target continues to be New Zealand for “winter” of 2023/2024 (their summer), and we’re spending our current time off deciding where we want to go between April and (northern hemisphere) autumn.