Travel Journal

  • Waiheke Island, NZ

    Waiheke Island, NZ

    The day’s forecast was clear with light winds (a rarity here!), and since we didn’t need to move out of our hosts’ home until tomorrow, we took the opportunity to do an unloaded day-ride around the island. The downside was that the combination of “midweek” + “not quite yet summer” meant that the weekender-focused wineries… Read more…

  • Auckland (Sandringham), NZ to Waiheke Island, NZ

    Auckland (Sandringham), NZ to Waiheke Island, NZ

    Four weeks of sleeping in the same bed opened up a space in which we could relax and reset in this new country, but now it’s time to resume our forward motion. This time we had a helpful assist to break the sticky force of inertia; weeks ago Rett had mentioned to our hosts in… Read more…

  • Auckland (Sandringham), NZ

    Auckland (Sandringham), NZ

    Week 3 The big excursion this week was a bike ride over the Waitakere Ranges to Piha Beach. And even with our bikes unloaded and an assist from a train, it was still one of the toughest rides we’ve done, with over a mile of climbing! I mean, generally when we’re touring with our full… Read more…

  • Auckland (Sandringham), NZ

    Auckland (Sandringham), NZ

    Week 2 Halloween is relatively-uncelebrated here. The grocery stores have a tiny cardboard kiosk with a few bits of “Halloween” candy, and maybe a decoration or two available near the checkout, but clearly nothing like the aisle full of candy in the US or the elaborate yard displays. It sounds like there are occasional city… Read more…

  • Auckland (Newmarket), NZ to Auckland (Sandringham), NZ

    Auckland (Newmarket), NZ to Auckland (Sandringham), NZ

    Four days in Auckland was not nearly enough time to get us to be ready to hit the road in this new country, so, we booked a month at a new, bigger AirBNB. A month?! That’s probably more time than we need to plot a route and get our bikes in full working order. But,… Read more…

  • Auckland, NZ

    Auckland, NZ

    Bagels come in 4-packs instead of 6-packs. They call it a “rubbish bin” instead of a “garbage can”. Every electrical outlet has an on/off switch integrated into it, in addition to the plugs being a different shape. And obviously traffic drives on the wrong side of the road. But beyond that, cultural differences between the… Read more…

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  • Current Status + Plans

    Current Status + Plans

    We’re in New Zealand! It’s springtime here! We arrived October 20th, and will be staying in Auckland until November 20th. At that point we’ll set off on our bikes again to…somewhere?

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  • Possessions


    A detailed list of the things that we carry with us. Last updated 2023-03-14.

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  • Where We’ve Pedaled

    Where We’ve Pedaled

    Here’s a semi-updated map of the bicycle-based portion of our travels since we began our nomadacy in September 2021.

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