Redmond, WA to Belfair, WA

42 mi / 10.7 mph / 1600 ft. climbing
Home: Twanoh State Park hiker/biker campsite

We’ve sure never started a bike tour like this before. But then, we’ve sure never done a bike tour like this before. This time, we have gone full-nomad, disposing of most of our possessions, putting the rest in storage, and strapping the remaining ~120 lbs. of them to our two bikes. With no deadlines, our plan is wide-open and being figured out on-the-fly (a scary new way to do a bike tour for me). We’ve been telling everyone we expect to do this for 3 to 5 years. But who knows? Maybe we do it 6 months and get tired of it. Maybe we can’t get enough of the lifestyle and do it for 20 years. One broad goal is to hit all 50 (maybe 49?) of the United States, to see and feel our whole great country at bicycle pace. The plan for the first season is to head slowly south down the West Coast, bum around Southern California for the winter, and then head east along the southern border as the next year turns to spring. Next winter we hope to spend in opposite-hemisphere New Zealand, and beyond that, we’ll figure it out when we get to that point.

But before all that is simply getting started, which was wild. We sold our car less than 14 hours before we left on our bikes. We still had many loads of trash from our townhome to take to the dumpster, final things to pack (and walk to the storage unit in 2 suitcases), return our Internet, deposit the check for the car, and finally start riding at 1pm, to catch the 2:50pm ferry from downtown Seattle to Bremerton. As we rolled out of our empty garage (which was no longer “ours”), it seemed impossible that we were actually doing this thing, abandoning a life in a way few sane people would do, even though our brains have been getting adjusted to the idea for at least five years.

And wait, we have started a bike tour like this before, in fact, exactly like this! To make it slightly easier on ourselves, the route was the same one we took a year ago on our Olympic Loop tour. But the traffic was 3 times more insane. Apparently we were still in COVID times last year.

Bye Seattle! Sorry we didn’t get to see more of your city, but we loved your surroundings in the 26 months that they were home. We plan to be back!

Rett was hurting pretty bad, due to doing a full day of exercise before even starting to ride, so we considered staying at a motel in Belfair, but in the end, she was willing to push on.

Back at Twanoh, we couldn’t get the site we had last year because that section of the campground was closed, but the friendly host talked us into taking the hiker/biker site right on the water (but right next to the road). He left the bathroom building unlocked for us, so we basically had our own personal bathrooms.

Twanoh hiker/biker site

Sleep wasn’t easy with the loud road, and literal apples falling on the tent through the night, but eventually we got a small bit of rest.



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6 responses to “Redmond, WA to Belfair, WA”

  1. Louise G. Avatar
    Louise G.

    As Dad and I sat outdoors this evening on our patio, eating homemade pizza and watching the sky turn colors at sunset, I was thinking of you and Rett. Just a week ago all four of us were eating out on our patio, enjoying the pizza you picked up at Lou Malnati’s. During the week, I’ve been checking this website for news about your departure from your home in Redmond. What a nice surprise to see your first post! I’m AMAZED, tasks accomplished and you departed as planned on Tuesday, 9-21-2021. Good luck, be safe, take care of yourselves and each other and enjoy the journey.

    1. neil Avatar

      It was actually Wednesday the 22nd we got going, but I’m glad you found us here! I’m not glad that you got both Lou Malnati’s pizza AND Mom pizza, and we only got one! Harrumph!

  2. Joel Avatar

    Do people leave/read blog comments still? Congrats on the start of your next big adventure!

    1. neil Avatar

      Yes, there is now Substack! (which I’ve thought maybe I should use for this blog…) Of course, it helps if I notice that there are actually pending comments to publish!

  3. Dennis Koutsoures Avatar
    Dennis Koutsoures

    Enjoy and embrace what the journey throws your way!

    Neil, try to pry yourself away from planning every minute detail and enjoy the spontaneity of it all! ?

    Rett, don’t worry about your ability. You are much stronger than you can possibly imagine! ?

    Enjoy you two! I’ll be watching! ?

  4. Swati Saxena Avatar
    Swati Saxena

    Going to be living vicariously through you and Rett! Here’s to fantastic adventures and hope to see you soon! <3

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