Travel Journal

  • Seattle, WA, USA to Auckland, New Zealand

    Seattle, WA, USA to Auckland, New Zealand

    One final North American bike ride took us north from the center of Seattle to Rett’s friend Shar’s house in the suburb of Mountlake Terrace. Our ride through the steep urban hills of Seattle (much steeper than the long-slow 5%-grade mountain-climbs we’d become used to) was definitely a good way to revive our dormant cycling… Read more…

  • Skaneateles, NY to Seattle, WA

    Skaneateles, NY to Seattle, WA

    The first leg of our flight to New Zealand departs from Seattle, primarily because the airfare was nearly half-off vs. departure from anywhere else in the country, and our nomadacy means we have the rare ability to price-shop by departure location. Secondarily the Seattle area is the closest thing we have to a “home base”,… Read more…

  • Park Ridge, IL to Skaneateles, NY

    Park Ridge, IL to Skaneateles, NY

    Amtrak #2 (of 4) had us taking the Lake Shore Limited from Chicago to Syracuse. We hemmed and hawed, but in the end decided to leave our bikes behind. That simplified the travel, and while we still got dropped off and picked up by our dads at both ends, we did most of the ride… Read more…

  • Gunbarrel, CO to Park Ridge, IL

    Gunbarrel, CO to Park Ridge, IL

    Four fun and relaxing days with our Colorado family were coming to an end, and it was time to move on to our Illinois family in the next leg of our 2023 Family & Friends Tour, which ends in Seattle when we fly from there to New Zealand to stay for up to 9 months.… Read more…

  • Idaho Springs, CO to Gunbarrel, CO

    Idaho Springs, CO to Gunbarrel, CO

    Yesterday’s ride finished with 30 miles of nearly-uninterrupted downhill, dropping us from our record 12,000 feet to “only” 7500 feet. That meant we still had a 2000+ ft. to drop off the face of the Front Range in our pockets to take us to the “mile high” Denver metropolis. But it wouldn’t just be a… Read more…

  • Dillon, CO to Idaho Springs, CO

    Dillon, CO to Idaho Springs, CO

    Rett knew from the basic shape of our plan that our arrival into Dillon signaled entry to the final chapter of our riding for this summer. Just two more days riding down to Denver and we would be done. So when she found out that we were not yet into the denouement, but still had… Read more…

Additional PageS

  • Current Status + Plans

    Current Status + Plans

    We’re in New Zealand! It’s springtime here! We arrived October 20th, and will be staying in Auckland until November 20th. At that point we’ll set off on our bikes again to…somewhere?

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  • Possessions


    A detailed list of the things that we carry with us. Last updated 2023-03-14.

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  • Where We’ve Pedaled

    Where We’ve Pedaled

    Here’s a semi-updated map of the bicycle-based portion of our travels since we began our nomadacy in September 2021.

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