Manzanita, OR

Home: Sunset Surf Motel

One more strategic stay-in-place night for the weather to clear. At one point, Rett voiced what I’d been feeling, which is that it felt bad to just be hanging out in our motel room watching HGTV (or blogging) when there was the edge of the globe’s largest ocean continually arriving right outside our door. But then she also voiced a reasonable rationalization I hadn’t considered: since our life is now largely being lived outdoors, we should take full advantage of those times when we have spent money on access to our own indoor space.

While it did rain, it was less than predicted, and so at times it felt dumb to be wasting the day. But we were also avoiding headwinds, and prepping for the next day.

We did make it out for a couple miles of walking up the beach, and a couple walks to the insanely expensive center-of-tourism organic grocery store, but mostly just passed the time with bed-picnics, TV, and Internet, and we’re ok with that!



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