Lakeside, OR to Bandon, OR

42.5 mi / 10.6 mph / 2010 ft. climbing
Home: Bullard’s Beach State Park hiker/biker campsite

Today’s ride was another good compare/contrast with nine years ago. My memory was that Coos Bay sucked, and yeah, it still kinda sucked. Big bridge, lots of unfriendly traffic, kinda run-down. But it has a Rite-Aid, which in this region is a place where you can get Amazon packages delivered! It was our first time using that service, and it worked great, except for the fact that the tires I’d ordered (to replace the one that got gashed in Washington) weren’t the right size, but I can’t blame Coos Bay for that.

We tell everyone “our bikes weigh about 100 lbs.”, and here’s the proof at the weigh station!
Coos Bay Bridge, definitely the most-imposing of the Oregon Coast bridges (not counting Astoria), but it wasn’t too bad in practice.

My memory of Charleston was that it’s even grittier and grayer, but that didn’t match what we saw this time. Yes, it’s still a working harbor (contrast with Astoria where the waterfront buildings are brewpubs rather than processing fish guts like they sill are here), but sunny weather vs. gray, plus all the animal life made it a great place to stop for lunch rather then escape ASAP.

Fishing pier at Charleston, to eat lunch.
Sea Lion!

It was also another fun place to have mystified fuel attendants (we’re not allowed to pump our own gas in these parts of Oregon) fill our tiny little fuel bottle for our stove for fifty cents.

Then it was on to Seven Devils Road, which I correctly remembered had 10% grades, but Rett powered through them with surprising strength, and the empty non-101-ness made the grades more tolerable.

Forest / trees, etc., with Rett atop the giant stumps they leave in place to prevent access to the timber roads.

My memories of the Bullard’s Beach State Park and the hiker/biker area didn’t match at all, but I’m pretty sure that’s because they created a whole new area.

Bullard’s Beach hiker/biker site

My memories of being there with my wife were non-existent, because nine years ago the idea of having a wife wasn’t even on my radar. But there we were, marking our 3rd wedding anniversary. I love her, and love that we can do this with our lives, together.

Our 3rd anniversary!



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5 responses to “Lakeside, OR to Bandon, OR”

  1. Joel Avatar

    Congrats on Year 3!

    Were the Devils still labeled/named?

    1. neil Avatar

      No, which is good, because the “7 hills” concept was really forced onto the poor road just because of its name, and never really fit

  2. Kenneth Gregie Avatar
    Kenneth Gregie

    Congratulations on your 3rd ! You both look really happy.
    (We just celebrated our 39th).
    Is that Lamb Chop?

    1. neil Avatar

      Yes, good catch on “Lamby”, our new, road-worthy (dog toy!) stuffed animal, who, yes, in a previous life, was known as Lamb Chop! Congrats on 39, we’ve got a lotta catching up to do!

  3. Swati Saxena Avatar
    Swati Saxena

    Happy anniversary, love birds! NJG – not only are you doing what you always intended to – retire and bike around the world – but how amazing is it that you have someone fantastic by your side. You are one of the few that are actually doing what they’ve always wanted to. I’m guessing it was about after your first couple of real bike tours that you might have felt that this was your goal. I can’t remember when I first heard that, but proud of you for knowing what you wanted all those years ago, and happy that I’ve been your friend since “I knew him when…”. <3

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